DUI – Driving Under the Influence

Are you facing DUI charges or drugged driving charges in the Modesto, Manteca, Stockton, Alameda or Sacramento areas? Are you in fear of what could happen to your life if you are ultimately convicted? A criminal conviction or DUI conviction, even a misdemeanor, can turn your life upside down now and in the future. If the offense is serious enough it may haunt you forever and will exert it’s effects on many areas of your life.

The consequences of a criminal conviction in California are extremely serious and it is not something you should face alone. Depending on your criminal history, the crime you are accused of and the circumstances surrounding your arrest you may face legal and administrative consequences.


  1. Significant Fines & Automobile Insurance Increase
  2. Loss of Driving Privileges
  3. Jail Time (or Prison)
  4. Community Service
  5. Probation
  6. Up to 18 Mos. Mandatory Drunk Driving Program
  7. Ignition Interlock Device on Your Car
  8. Change in Academic Status (if college student)

Do not attempt to represent yourself in a DUI case. While many DUI charges are misdemeanors a conviction can exert serious consequences on your personal life, your career and your financial situation.

Time is of the essence. You have only a short period of time after your arrest/citation for DUI to protect your driver’s license. We can help prevent your license from being suspended.

If you feel you have a problem with alcohol or drugs Modesto/Manteca/Stockton/Alameda DUI Attorney Michael K. Moore can help you.